Wilderness Benefits All of Us


Our love of wilderness and our desire to protect it are primary among the board and members of Olympic Park Associates. It is what motivates all of our actions. We revel in the fresh air, sparkling water and the sounds of nature we find in wilderness.


For OPA president Donna Osseward, who has spent a lifetime working to protect wilderness areas, her most passionate feelings arise when she considers the gifts that wilderness brings to us—even if we never enter its vast landscapes.


In her poetic and insightful essay, “Wilderness Benefits – A Livable Earth for Our Grandchildren,” she explores the many gifts wilderness brings to our lives. Among them are: “cleaner air and water; a place for animals far better than a zoo; a place where nature works mostly according to its creator’s rules; and the diversity of plants, fish and animals that comes from a creation not weeded by humans.”


To learn how wilderness provides not only these benefits, but quite possibly holds the key to our and the earth’s survival, read the essay.